The Club 100 : Cornerstone of the Bridge 2017 event

The Club 100 : Cornerstone of the Bridge 2017 event

04 October 2016

On the occasion of the The Bridge 2017 event, the enterprises of the Great West region and the surrounding area have the opportunity to come together to make a collective process of reflection and experimentation on the future of the companies. Discover the details in this article.

The Bridge 2017 Event

Almost 100 years ago, 14,750 US troops landed at Saint-Nazaire to help the French in their fight to preserve freedom. The Bridge 2017 is dedicated to celebrating the centennial through special events to commemorate 100 years of friendship and exchange between France and the United States:

A historic race: Queen Mary 2 and the maxi trimarans will compete in a single transatlantic race on the return path from Saint-Nazaire to New York.

4th World Championships of Basketball 3×3: The city of Nantes will be honored to welcome more than 30 different nations which will compete for the title of World Champion of Basketball 3×3.

Concert Events: The Bridge 2017 is also about 100 years of musical influence that will be celebrated through a series of concerts held throughout the Great West region.

The Bridge 2017 is a unifying event that aims to build bridges between France and the United States, music and basketball, the world of sailing and the time of ships.

The Club 100 in the heart of The Bridge 2017 project

The Club 100 is an opportunity given to any type of enterprise to embark on the adventure and make the project possible. In an effort to bring together economic actors of the Great West region and beyond, The Bridge 2017 allows companies to rent booths and take part in the voyage. Their participation is crucial in the process of creating this event, as it will return the most prestigious boat in the world to Saint-Nazaire to participate in this extraordinary race. Companies in the Club 100 will participate in a one-year program focused on reflection and experimentation in an active process of co-construction allowing each to evolve into tomorrow's businesses.

The Club 100 already has members from CIC, founding partner of the event and REALITES, an official partner of the event. The project is also supported by Jean-Yves Le Drian, defense minister and chairman of the support committee The Bridge 2017, and Tony Parker, official sponsor of the adventure.

Meet dynamic businesses, network with innovative and visionary entrepreneurs, share special moments with your clients or colleagues and enjoy an international reputation; Such are the advantages of The Club 100. To participate or for more information, simply pre-book online or write to us at the following address: