The Bridge 2017 to Host the 4th FIBA 3x3 World Basketball Championship

The Bridge 2017 to Host the 4th FIBA 3x3 World Basketball Championship

04 October 2016

After Greece and China, as well as Russia, France will have the honor of hosting the FIBA World Basketball 3x3 Championship in Nantes from June 17th through the 21st in 2017. Organized as part of The Bridge 2017, 20 men’s teams and 20 women’s teams from over 30 countries will compete in this competition. This championship will also be open to the public with access to playgrounds around the championship site and activities at the school level (such as casual basketball-related events and tournaments). The Bridge 2017 integrates this championship as part of the commemoration of the centenary of the landing and the celebration of 100 years of Franco-American fraternity. Enjoying the patronage of Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister of Defence and the label "Mission Centenary 14-18," The Bridge 2017 is also a unique challenge on the waters of the Atlantic between Saint- Nazaire and New York. Indeed, a race against the clock between the famous Queen Mary 2 and the largest multihulls in the world will take place from June 25, 2017 on the American landing return trip in 1917.

Basketball, symbol of Franco - American fraternity

The Bridge 2017 will celebrate the landing of the centenary in 1917 of 2 million American soldiers to take part in the First World War as well as the subsequent arrival of American culture in France and Europe. One of the thriving aspects of American culture that has been greatly embraced by France is basketball. Basketball is a true symbol of brotherhood that unites the United States and France, so it was easy to incorporate the FIBA World Championship 3x3 Tournament into the many Bridge celebrations. An emblematic figure of the French Basketball community, Tony Parker, will support the The Bridge 2017 event as a main sponsor.

Basketball 3x3

Basketball 3x3 was introduced for the first time by FIBA in 2010. This was during the 1st Summer Youth Olympics in Singapore. Since 2012, the FIBA World Championships 3x3 tournament players have been at the highest level of competition both in their independent countries, as well as around the world. The competition will also feature individual dunking and 3-pointer tournaments. The objective of FIBA today is to make the 3x3 basketball tournament an Olympic event.

Nantes, an ideal host city

Nantes is one of the most active cities in France when it comes to sports and cultural events. It has partnered with The Bridge and FFBB 2017 to host the 4th FIBA World Championship 3x3 tournament in 2017. A favorite for organizing this championship, Nantes already has 7 professional teams, and will now host multiple other events including the Olympic  women's Basketball tournament, the Men’s World Handball tournament in 2017, the World Championship of Basketball 3x3 in 2017 and the Women’s European Handball Championship in 2018. In addition, the Department of Loire Atlantique FFBB has 23,000 members, making it the second largest French department in terms of licensees. The Championship will take place at the Parc des Chantiers on the Ile de Nantes. This space boasts an original and multifunctional space that brings together heritage, contemporary architecture and works of art on more than 32 acres. Check out the video of the June 17th, 2016 press conference: