In THE BRIDGE, we trust !

In THE BRIDGE, we trust !

01 July 2017

And the magic unveils once again. It's 5.10am, this Saturday, July 1st, when Queen Mary 2’s 60 meter high red chimney slides under the majestic Verrazano-Narrow bridge in the New York. The great journey of the prestigious ship and leading figure of THE BRIDGE, comes to an end. The day begins to dawn and reveals a wonderful landscape where the cloudy dawn lights are blended with the twinkling lights which makes it the legendary "city that never sleeps". You can feel in the sweetness of the air, the solemnity of an extraordinary moment, which will be marked with red iron in the memories of the 2000 passengers embarked for this unique event, embodied in History as well as turned towards the world of tomorrow. 

On the calm and tranquil waters of the American metropolis, the ocean liner continues to travel at a small pace. The Manhattan silhouettes are already recognizable from afar, as the light takes over last night’s twilight, the sixth since the start of the Centennial Transat last Sunday on June 25th at 7 pm, under the Saint-Nazaire bridge. 

On the deck of the famous ocean liner, all eyes focused to live a magical moment are ready to salute her. Punctual, the Captain Christopher Wells’ crew, who received the support of local navigators for this landing, gently takes the steamer towards the Statue of Liberty, the embodiment symbol between France and the United States, two countries separated by an ocean, but united by an unwavering bond. 

On deck 7, on the stern of Queen Mary 2, the "chorus of the 100', conducted by the shinning star Jean-Christophe Spinosi, comes on stage and sings the moving song "Amazing Grace", whose intensity increases as the sun rises behind the skyscrapers of the Big Apple. This choir, which was formed during this trip-tribute to the 1917 American soldiers, accompanies the passage on the monument’s starboard side symbolizing freedom and brotherhood. A magical and historical moment thanks to the event which we have not heard the last.