Actual... Still a long way to go

Actual... Still a long way to go

04 July 2017

On this Tuesday July 4th, after the arrival of Sodebo Ultim', the Actual crew remains the only competitor at sea. 350 miles away from the arrival off the Manhattan coast, the crew of Yves Le Blévec is struggling in a large area without wind, which spreads out in the East of the American metropolis.
According to the adage in vogue on Wall Street, the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. Stuck in the dead calm blocking their route, it is getting quite hard for Yves Le Blévec and his crew. But the mixed crew, loyal to him, attempts travel on their route despite an eventful night followed by erratic winds. But tomorrow is another day according to Samantha Davies.…

« Everything is fine on board Actual. Tonight, after an early race under the gloom, we finally had a clear sky and we took advantage of the Moon and the stars. The Moon is in the growing phase, and every night she lights up a little more. At that moment, the Moonlight is shining through the window of the chart table, illuminating the keyboard of my computer. 

The Moon helps us, but tonight the waves are against us. We are doing a little wave jumping in the northernmost part of the Gulf Stream. The ultimate trimaran’ movements are quite violent in difficult moments, but associated with the chop, it is a bit like a rodeo that never stops.

Eating our meal is always a challenge with series of "excesses" and funny moments, fortunately without collateral damage. The off-watch is limited to rest as well as finding a comfortable and stable location, which requires a lot of energy. The best place is at the bottom, as usual!

Fortunately, these difficult times will help reach New York. Tomorrow, we will spend a few difficult moments when going from the westerly to easterly winds, as it will be causing calm areas.

Today, I started speaking English to acclimatize the French-speaking crew of Actual in view of our arrival in New York... "an English-speaking city ! »
Samantha Davies